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Baker Studios provides high-end 3D fabrication services. From architecture to custom props to large 3D signage to fully immersive 3D environments, Baker Studios does it all. We specialize in the fabrication of 3D foam designs and are passionate about the creation of fantastic 3D projects at any scale. We work with a wide range of clients encompassing a host of industries.

In-house services:

•    Large Format 3D Sculpting

•    3D Animation and Visualization

•    Large Format Murals

•    Stained-glass Windows

•    Traditional Sculpting & Painting

•    Conceptual Design

•    Storyboarding

•    Character Design

•    Wood and Metal Fabrication

•    Mold Making & Casting

•    Custom Millwork and Medallions

•    Large Format CNC router

•    3D Signage

•    3D Modeling

•    Plural Component Spraying

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