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Top-Tier Exterior Foam Molding by Baker Studios

Welcome to the world of Baker Studios, where exceptional craftsmanship meets innovative design in our top-tier exterior foam molding collection. 

We are themed environment designers specializing in transforming spaces with our bespoke foam sculpting, carving, and artwork. We pride ourselves on delivering foam moldings that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also exceptionally durable and versatile. From striking foam signs to intricate architectural details, our products are crafted to elevate the exterior of any building, blending art and functionality seamlessly.

In architecture, there are sometimes situations where manufacturing intricate details can be painstakingly difficult, or the results of the effort are so rigid that customizing them to project specifications simply isn’t practical. This is where our use of BAUTRIM comes in.

BAUTRIM is an architectural foam that is used to create decorative foam molding, exterior architectural molding, and more. We use it extensively to create highly detailed building details faster, more accurately, and more reliably.

BAUTRIM also brings significant benefits to the table beyond its ease of use.

First, it’s extremely versatile. Since it’s a foam-based material, it can be coated, painted, textured, and otherwise manipulated or changed to match practically any project design you can think of. Whether it’s the detailed molding along the exterior of church windows or a textured contemporary molding design around a modern contemporary door, BAUTRIM can be customized in practically any way that is needed. 

Our team uses it for most projects because it allows us to meet our clients' needs without sacrificing or having to adjust their designs significantly to work with the material.

However, it’s also durable and long-lasting with minimal upkeep. Unlike wood or metal, it doesn’t corrode easily or require you to use precious resources to maintain it. This makes it an excellent option for any application where you want lasting results that maintain their visual appeal and structural integrity, but you don’t want to worry about sanding, constant paint touch-ups, or dealing with water damage and other major issues that plague wood, metal, and various other common materials.

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CLAD 1.jpg


BAUCLAD is another foam-based construction material we use for the majority of our projects. However, unlike the exterior molding foam BAUTRIM, BAUCLAD is designed as a thermal insulator that excels at making lasting facades in a cost-effective manner.

BAUCLAD is primarily used to create claddings. Claddings are essentially “skin” layers that go over the structural material in a construction project. They add visual flair to interiors in ways that wallpaper and common cheap alternatives can’t. We use BAUCLAD extensively when a project demands a bit more visual differentiation.

BAUCLAD provides us, and our clients, with numerous benefits.

First, it’s a cost-effective solution. While not as inexpensive as something basic like wallpaper, it allows for very detailed claddings with built-in insulation, and it is far more cost effective than traditional cladding material such as veneers.

It’s also easy to work with and mold to match intricate design demands. Regardless of the overall design needed, our team can make anything from simple modern claddings to claddings featuring ornate details befitting the finest structures.

Regardless of the design aspects involved, our BAUCLAD work is focused on greatly enhancing the visual appeal of a room. BAUCLAD can be used to create a sense of elegance that’s unachievable with standard building materials, give a professional look to offices and similar environments, or even enhance the atmosphere of a room of grand importance such as a church or courtroom. All while keeping your project costs low and ensuring you get the exact design you want for your project.

MOLDINGS: Resources
Exterior Foam Molding: Clad 1 - The Modern Groove


The modern groove

Exterior Foam Molding: Clad 2 - The Modern Groove


The modern groove

Exterior Foam Molding: Clad 3 - The Classical Groove


The classical groove

Exterior Foam Molding: Clad 4 - The Classical Groove


The classical groove

Exterior Foam Molding: Clad 5 - The Classical Groove


The classical groove

Exterior Foam Molding: Clad 8 - The Classical Groove


The classical groove

Exterior Foam Molding: Clad 9 - The Classical Groove


The classical groove

Exterior Foam Molding: Clad 10 - The Faux Wood


The faux wood



Single Day Application

Scratch, brown, and finish in single application

One Coat Application

Can be applied in a single pass


The world's lightest stucco
Reduces the dead load on structures
Less fatigue on labor force

Scratch, Brown, & Finish Coat

3 in 1
Replaces the traditional 3 coat stucco process
Pre-mixed material providing consistent results

Used as Architectural Precast

Products made with BAUCOAT resemble architectural precast products and are designed to replace these products on projects at considerably lower costs

Corrosion Resistant

Resistant against degradation due to moisture, salt spray, oxidation or exposure to a variety of environmental factors

Extrusion Machine or Spray-On

Can be applied up to 1/8" thickness with one pass


Smooth finishes are achievable just in seconds

No Mesh Required

No mesh required for application over polystyrene foam

66% Lower Labor Cost

Less fatigue
Increased productivity
Easy handling & installation

Less Scaffold Expenses

Great savings on scaffolding

Easy To Apply

No special experience needed

Direct Application On Various Substrates

It can be easily applied on EPS, XPS, ICF

2 Times More Coverage

Increased spread yield due to half of the thickness used compared to that of traditional stucco and EIFS

Mold Resistant

Does not allow moisture penetration, thus preventing the growth of mold / mildew

Vapor Permeable

Permits the diffusion of water vapor that may condense in the wall structure

Water Resistant

Resists wind driven rain
Resists hydrostatic water pressure

Fire Resistant

Doesn't emit toxic gas or burst into flame when exposed to fire

High Crack Resistant

High crack resistant

Less Freight Expense

Trucks can carry more product per load

Ideal For Restoration

Ideal for renovation of existing and historical structures

Continuous Insulation

Helps eliminating thermal bridges
Meets advancing energy codes

MOLDINGS: Services


Unaging structures made possible by BAUGRUP & BAKER STUDIOS

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