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How Much Stress Can Exterior Foam Molding and Trim Tolerate?

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Are you considering a renovation project on your older building? Choosing the right materials can greatly affect cost, labor, and future repairs. BAUTRIM foam trim and molding are affordable and long-lasting building materials designed to fit into any building project easily.

Not only will you notice a difference in cost and longevity, but BAUTRIM foam molding and trim are also durable and able to handle high amounts of stress. From fire resistance to crack resistance, foam molding handles all types of stress well. We'll dive deeper into the details of how exterior foam molding tolerates stress and other durability concerns.

What Is Exterior Foam Molding and Trim?

Our exterior foam molding and trim are made of an innovative material known as BAUTRIM. We use this material for exterior building components, as it's incredibly durable, strong, and easy to install. Compared to other types of traditional building materials such as concrete and wood, BAUTRIM is able to withstand more stress and weather-related issues better.

Fire Resistance

Fire-resistant foam trim and molding are important features in any building, as these materials can slow the spread of flames and minimize potential damage and tragedy. If you're planning on renovating an old building, you should prioritize fire-resistance materials in the project. The coating of foam molding has fire resistance properties at ASTM E84 that are comparable to UL723. At this level, it fully meets and exceeds fire-resistant building requirements.

Water Resistance

The coating of our foam trim and molding is weather-resistant. Other types of traditional building materials use concrete and sand mixtures, which are highly porous, leading to damage and unsightly dark spots from water. Weather-resistant foam trim and molding do not use porous materials, like concrete, so they are better able to withstand rain and snow.

Impact Resistance

Another weather concern you may face, particularly in certain climates, is wind. For exterior molding and trim, you'll need building materials that can withstand force from strong winds. Our foam trim and molding can withstand up to ten joules of energy without any damage occurring.

Crack Resistance

While our foam trim is strong and able to withstand a great deal of stress, it's also highly flexible. This flexibility means that it is able to resist cracks more easily than other traditional types of building materials. For example, commonly used cement materials are prone to cracking under stress.

If you're looking for a durable material that doesn't crack under stress for your next renovation project, consider BAUTRIM foam molding. Its durable properties ensure that your building will have long-lasting trims that will be able to withstand weather and stress well. For more information on our foam trim's ability to resist stress, our comparative analysis features more data on the subject.

Ready to transform your space with unparalleled creativity and quality? Contact Baker Studios today and embark on a journey to bring your vision to life. From innovative foam sculptures to immersive themed environments, our team is dedicated to crafting experiences that exceed your expectations.

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