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The Role of 3D Design Services in Modern Amusement Parks: Expert’s Insights

3D design technology has been around for years, but the ways it has advanced over the last decade have completely changed the way modern amusement parks are made.

Today, we're exploring the role of 3D design services in modern amusement parks, delving into the technology utilized and its transformative impact on the design and construction of these parks.


What are 3D Design Services?


3D design services are part of the architectural design field. When you have a project, rather than drawing blueprints and meticulously measuring every tiny detail, a professional team talks through the design with you and generates a 3D image of the finished project; before you’ve even started.

It’s like seeing your dream come to life on a screen in vivid detail, and it provides several benefits that you can’t get with traditional design methods.


How a 3D Design Service Works

When you think of design services, you probably think of something that’s only done during the earliest phases of the project. The 3D design is actually a project-long service.

We’ll go over how 3D design services help throughout your project.


1: Conceptualization


When you purchase the land to build a themed environment, you likely have a great idea of what you want, but you don’t really know how it will fit together. Even if you have an idea, there are likely flaws in that plan that only an experienced professional would be able to point out.

A 3D design service blends 3D software and expert guidance to help you conceptualize the park into an interactive 3D display.

During this phase, you’ll work closely with the design team to plan out your park, and the team will slowly build up a 3D image for you to see it come to life in ways a blueprint could never do.

Modern 3D software also allows for scanning the actual area you’ll be building the park in to ensure that every little detail is true to life with measurements accurate down to a millimeter.

As the design is built, the professional design team can spot things that don’t work structurally, don’t maximize the themed environment’s potential, or otherwise produce long-term problems upon completion.


2: Mid-Project Adjustments and Tracking

One of the best aspects of 3D design services is that they help keep the project on track and make mid-project adjustments easier.

Since 3D design software paired with scanning can create extremely precise 3D blueprints, it’s easy to compare your real-life progress to the model and see if you’re building efforts are being done accurately. If something is off even slightly, you catch the mistake a lot sooner and can fix it before it becomes a major hassle for your project.

Also, since you get an easily adjustable 3D blueprint, you or the design team can notice things that aren’t working or just don’t match your vision when translated to the real world, and you can quickly adjust the model and rework your plan.


3: Post-Project Renovations and Changes


Most themed environments don’t stay the same forever. You’ll want to add new rides to generate more revenue, remove features that aren’t worth what you’re putting into them, or even expand as revenue is generated to create a bigger, more exciting, park.

The 3D design makes those renovations and changes easy.

When you want to make a change, the service can easily recreate the park in a 3D space, go over the changes you want to make, and start the same process that you went through when building the initial park. Except, you’re simply making changes instead of building it from scratch.

This is the best way to make changes to a park. Since 3D design technology is so accurate, you avoid costly mistakes such as adding something too big for the space you need, overestimating the dimensions of a new feature, or completely changing the look just to realize you don’t like it upon completion.


Benefits of 3D Design Services Over Traditional Methods


As we’ve said, 3D design services offer several benefits that you don’t get with traditional methods, or the benefits aren’t as pronounced with traditional design methods.

Here are a few things you can expect.


1: More Accurate Plans


3D design software, when paired with scanning technology, can produce measurements that are accurate down to 1 millimeter. That’s impressive in small-scale manufacturing. Let alone something the scale of an entire themed environment.

This high degree of accuracy makes many of the other benefits possible.

2: Faster Results

The design phase is just the beginning of an amusement park or themed environment project. Once the design is made, you still have to construct the park, focus on marketing it to bring in customers upon its grand opening, and everything else that goes into its operation.

3D design services speed up the planning phase beyond anything you could achieve with traditional blueprints, design conceptualization, etc. This gets you into the bulk of the work faster, and it speeds up changes that need to be made, too.


3: A Real-Time, True-to-Life, Pre-Park Experience


You can’t underestimate the value of being able to look at the amusement park or themed environment before you’ve even leveled the land to build it. With 3D design services, you get to do this in the most accurate way possible.

Even when the park itself is just a thought and an empty plot of land, you get to see it in all its glory, adjust things to your liking, discover problem areas, and more.

4: Savings

You save by using 3D design services in a couple of ways.

First, you avoid costly mistakes. We’ve talked about that in-depth throughout this guide.


However, you also get to see where you can use less expensive materials, streamline the building process, and take other cost-saving measures without sacrificing the quality or safety of the park. 

That’s a major benefit because most traditional cost-saving measures end up being dangerous or producing a lackluster product since you don’t get to see what you’re doing as you do it.


3D Design Services Help You Avoid Costly Mistakes

Enlist the Help of Baker Studios


3D design services should be part of any amusement park project. The role of 3D design services in modern amusement parks and themed environments cannot be overstated. The benefits are simply too good to go without. 

However, you still need a high-quality service provider to ensure you get the full benefits of this technology.

Baker Studios, a professional amusement park design company, is your go-to 3D design service with a reliable team of experts leveraging both first-hand experience and the latest technology to make your dream park a reality.

Contact Baker Studios today!

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