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SCULPTURE: Pro Gallery


Baker Studios provides high-end 3D fabrication services. From architecture to custom props to large 3D signage to fully immersive 3D environments, Baker Studios does it all. We specialize in the fabrication of 3D foam designs and are passionate about the creation of fantastic 3D projects at any scale. We work with a wide range of clients encompassing a host of industries.


Baker Studios is a leading designer in high-quality foam sculptures and themed environment design. We serve a host of businesses across a wide range of industries with custom designs, including:

  • Architectural Foam Moldings

  • Standing Sculptures

  • Signage

  • Promotional Materials

  • Props

  • Specialty Sculptures

Our primary manufacturing method is CNC milling for its ease of use and exceptional quality of detail. Baker Studios always prioritizes our client’s ideas, so our teams work closely with you to bring your designs to life. We can deliver concept illustrations and 3D models to help refine the design before production begins so that you always have complete control over the final product. 

Baker Studios believes in helping you to bring your ideas to life. We’re not just creating something; we’re revealing your vision by chiseling it from the raw material.


Precision Designs

Our high-end CNC mill machines allow the ultimate precision to help us bring out the most delicate details in your work. We’ll turn your designs into intricate foam moldings or standing sculptures. We make a variety of highly-detailed props for movies, plays, store displays, or other promotional materials. Because we specialize in architectural accessories, our pieces are always made for a perfect fit. The designs are built to last, no matter what weather and temperature conditions you endure, thanks to our BAUTRIM-enhanced foam material. 

We can produce sculptures to fit any project scale, from individual promo materials to full-sized commercial and personal architectural projects. Every piece is designed with eye-catching appeal and durability in mind.


Vivid Colors

Baker Studios sculptures are made with BAUCOAT high-performance styrofoam coating technology for the best textures with the highest durability. Our architectural foam moldings are resistant to the flaking and cracking that plagues concrete works while retaining high structural integrity and fade-resistant exteriors. The sculpture surfaces retain the vividness of their colors for longer, even in adverse weather conditions. The white coating is well-suited to various vibrant colors, and primers and topcoats are painted directly onto the sculpture’s surface. 

The result is a bright, bold design that retains its appeal for a long time. Our commitment to quality means we want our products to last as long as you need them—and then some.


Themed Sculptures

Our concept artists have a wealth of experience creating themed novelty and architectural foam moldings. We have created sculptures for projects ranging from holiday store displays and promotional setups to classic church architecture. Customized business signage and concrete formwork meant to help craft the ideal customer experience benefit from the completeness of our artistic team’s skills. 

Whatever the scale and concept of your themed environment, we can build every custom piece to suit your exact needs. Baker Studios stands by the quality of our work because we know that every time your customers walk past your building, they will see what we have designed—so we will help you ensure your business is always presenting its best face to the public.

Contact us today and let’s bring your vision to life! 



SCULPTURE: Pro Gallery
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