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3 Reasons Your Church Needs Ornament

What does your church say to your congregation? Far from being a superficial place to gather and worship, your church building needs to play an integral part in your communication with your community and help you tell a story to create an atmosphere of love and worship.

In recent years, the Biblical aesthetic has seen somewhat of a resurgence, and the previously whitewashed buildings erected in the 1960s and 70s are getting facelifts to help them create a culture of worship via the use of ornament in church design and accessories.

But why do you need to use ornaments in architecture? Traditionally, architecture and decoration have fused well together in church buildings and open the door, as they say, for people seeking to learn more to delve into the church and become part of the family. Its importance is more than simply looking good. This post looks at 3 reasons why the use of ornament in church design is vital for any building or worship.

Tangible Symbol of God

People attend church to feel a connection to God. While it is true you can pray from anywhere, decorative moldings and ornaments can create a space where you don't simply worship but can feel God's presence on a more intimate level and remind people of all the good carried out in the teachings of the Bible.

At Baker Studios, we use only high-end fabrication equipment and new resources for architectural moldings to help you bring your church to life in a way that befits who you are and the story you tell. While you cannot physically see God himself, using religious-themed ornaments and decorations such as an altar can give people a focus and symbol to help them feel that connection deeper within themselves.

To Strengthen Connections

First impressions count, and the use of ornament in church design is vital to making an excellent first impression. When someone enters your building, they should immediately be able to tell who you are and what you care about. People want to experience that connection, to feel like this is a place they can connect with you, your parishioners, and their faith on a deeper level.

A visual connection is vital for creating an image, so you should find a company that can convey your vision clearly.

Facilitate Community Outreach

Your community needs to be able to depend on you as their church to help them through the good and the bad times. It is the heart of their faith, and they want to feel that connection and comfort when they need it and the awe and inspiring nature of positivity from God.

A barren space cannot conjure emotions on this level and allow people to explore their feelings and what they feel, whether in crisis or not.

Whether you use lights and candles to help light their way, a physical ornamental altar to guide them to God's path, or ornaments depicting religious artifacts, architectural moldings to help them visualize the passages from the bible, and much more. If you can physically create a feeling of religion in your building, you can solidify your presence in the community and further facilitate outreach to offer support.

The Baker Studios team is highly experienced in making church ornaments. To learn more about the use of ornament in architecture and how we use new resources for architectural moldings, contact us to ask about our designs and how we can help you fit out your church in a way that represents who you are and what you stand for.

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