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The Benefits of Using BAUTRIM Molding in Your Building Projects

If you are considering preserving one of your historic buildings with a renovation, BAUTRIM molding is an enticing, affordable building component to help preserve the decor and look of your structure. A renovation will help preserve your building’s cultural heritage, educate the next generation about the building's history, attract new businesses to use the existing structure, and help the environment. Let’s take a look at why BAUTRIM molding is a good choice for your renovation project.

What is BAUTRIM molding?

BAUMTRIM molding is a unique product available from Baker Studios. Traditionally, architects and builders will use a variety of different materials in their approach to a renovation, ranging from concrete trim to stucco. BAUMTRIM molding is a light, environmentally friendly building material that is made from foam and coated with a special material. The coating material, called BAUCOAT, is about one-eighth inch thick, reinforcing the foam. The resultant molding is crack resistant, water-resistant, semi-bendable, and is extremely permeable for air, letting the structure breathe. Our moldings can be from standard profiles or easily custom made to match almost any profile you have in mind. Since they are relatively light, we can also produce rather large profiles in one pass. Lastly, the molding is extremely lightweight, reducing cost in terms of labor, scaffolding, and even transport.

Why should you use BAUTRIM molding on your next building restoration project?

BAUTRIM molding and trim provides a unique solution for your building projects, whether you are doing a renovation or are building a new structure. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using BAUTRIM molding:

  • Crack Resistance: BAUTRIM molding and trim products are just as durable as concrete. You won’t have the problem of cracks that you find in concrete and other synthetic renders.

  • Water Resistance: Low water absorption will keep rain and snow from seeping into the material and creating cracks or other surface blemishes, like bulging and bending.

  • Painting: BAUTRIM molding is reinforced with BAUCOAT, a white material. You can easily paint this material bright, vibrant colors to match your building’s preferred design. It will accept most interior and exterior paints.

  • Fast Application: The lightweight material of the foam molding and trim makes it perfect for fast application.

Environmentally friendly

Exterior foam molding is also friendly to the environment. For example, during the winter months, the molding will help keep heat in along with the building’s insulation, reducing heating costs. The material is also lightweight, which reduces pollution during transportation and installation. Also, using foam molding on an existing building is more energy efficient than demolition and new construction. All of our leftover materials are recycled into new products. We do our best to minimize the number of scraps from entering a landfill.

Minimal labor required

For your team, Baker BAUTRIM molding requires minimal labor. For existing foam, the BAUCOAT can be applied within a single pass, minimizing the number of coats needed. Stucco, on the other hand, needs multiple coats to be completed. With molding and foam products from Baker Studios, you will have two-thirds less labor costs for your project.

Can be refinished later

If, after your foaming is installed, you wish to change the color of your building’s exterior at a later date, the BAUCOAT material will always work as a primer for your paint. The surface can be sanded as needed later in the future and the BAUCOAT will combine nicely with the various types of paint colors that you may want to use. All joints, nail holes, imperfections, and seams are easily filled and repaired just by applying some of the BAUCOAT to the product. Once dried, it can be easily sanded to blend in perfectly.

What types of form moldings and materials are available from Baker Group?

You can utilize our moldings and trims for a wide variety of different building components. Here is an overview of the different types that are available:

  • Crowns and Moldings: Suitable for edges of buildings, above doors, and ceilings on certain types of indoor structures.

  • Quoins: These are great for joining trims and moldings on edges of buildings where two exterior walls meet.

  • Keystones: These help distribute the weight of the structure of an arch that might exist in your building.

  • Pilasters and Columns: BAUTRIM pilasters and columns are strong enough to support the different weights that you will need distributed on your building’s exterior.

  • Sculptures: we offer full 3D CNC of or foam into any shape you can imagine and in almost any size. BAUCOAT is then applied to the sculpture to give it the same enduring qualities as our trim and moldings.

Anything that is a decorative aspect to the outside of your building, made from another material, is available from Baker Studios. With our specialized BAUCOAT material, our foam moldings and trim will give your building project new life at a reduced cost. With regular maintenance, BAUTRIM molding products will last for many years in the right climate and with as-needed application of BAUCOAT.

What types of buildings are suitable for BAUTRIM molding?

BAUTRIM molding and trim products aren’t just suitable for older, historic buildings; these exterior foam products are great for:

  • Residential Projects: BAUTRIM molding and trim will work on the eaves of homes, porches, and windows. The molding and other decor could potentially work well on a garden project involving a gazebo or other outdoor buildings intended to add decor to a property.

  • Apartments and Condominiums: Older existing rental properties and shared spaces can be improved affordably with exterior foam molding.

  • Religious Buildings: If your congregation needs improvements to its house of worship, BAUTRIM molding and trim can be used to create beauty on the exterior of the building and the foam products are suitable for interior decor.

  • Libraries, Courthouses, and Other Public Buildings: Public buildings such as courthouses, town halls, and libraries often feature decorative elements, which can be achieved with the use of foam molding.

  • Colleges and Universities: Whether your building is on a liberal arts campus or a publicly funded university, BAUTRIM can add new life to buildings at a fraction of the cost of building a new structure.

Choose Baker Studios for your interior and exterior building needs

Baker Studios is the leading provider of foam molding, trim, and other exterior pieces to help you make your building look the way you want without the added cost. All contractors and builders should consider BAUTRIM for commercial buildings.

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