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Top 8 Benefits of Foam Molding for Commercial Buildings

If you’re looking to make renovations, add a themed environment, or repair your commercial building, you’ve likely thought about traditional materials such as wood, metal, and other options. However, while those materials have worked for pretty much all of history, modern innovations have brought new options to the market that produce several benefits.

One of those new materials is foam molding.

Foam molding is relatively new, and might not have led to a project where it was used yet, but it’s becoming increasingly popular due to the many benefits it offers ranging from financial benefits to functional benefits.

Here are 8 benefits of foam molding for commercial buildings that you might want to consider for your next project!


1: Lower Cost


In a commercial setting, you need to minimize costs without sacrificing the quality of your output as often as possible.

This is one of the benefits you’ll notice about foam molding right away. Foam molding is far more cost-effective for several aspects of nearly any building-related project, but you’re not cutting corners, and you’re not sacrificing quality to save money. It’s a great material that works extremely well when used properly, lasts a long time reliably, and just so happens to be more cost-effective than lumber, most metals, and other common materials.

2: Faster Project Completion

The foam molding process is considerably faster than working with traditional materials. Time is money. So, when you can speed up the process of manufacturing critical parts of your renovation just by choosing foam molding, you can get back to full production faster than ever and return to normal.


3: Perfect for Themed Environments


Commercial spaces require themed environments all the time. You might be creating a family-friendly play area for children to enjoy while parents get their shopping done, setting up an elaborate display to push certain products, or simply trying to decorate your commercial space with statues to create a more elegant-looking space.

Foam is often used to help develop all sorts of themed environments and decorations. It’s used by churches (e.g., liturgical furnishings), theme parks, and yes, commercial buildings looking to create minor themed environments that highlight certain aspects of their service.

Close-up of a man carving a foam sculpture.

4: Outdoor Performance


This is one massive benefit of foam molding that makes it stand out against nearly any other material.

Sometimes, your project is going to be left outdoors. Whether it’s a statue of your store mascot or a themed environment for a special event, it will be exposed to the elements.

Many materials, such as wood or certain metals, start degrading very quickly in an outdoor setting, and they require lots of maintenance to keep them in good shape. Rain, snow, flying debris, and even the sun are all threats to such things.

Foam is resistant to all those threats and ensures that you get a long-lasting display, building feature, or anything else regardless of the elements in your area.

5: Durability


If you want to stay profitable, you can’t deal with constantly replacing things. Whether it’s the molding around your building’s trim or entire facades, having to replace such features can be a major hassle.

Foam molding prevents that from happening. It’s extremely durable and resistant to issues such as cracking or chipping, if pigmented, fading and other issues aren’t a concern, and in general, it will last many years before you need to replace it.

This not only reduces your upkeep costs, but it also prevents you from having to close down or partially block off a part of your business to handle the repair; which is often more costly than getting repairs.


6: Less Maintenance


Foam molding is nearly maintenance-free. In a commercial setting, you have a lot of people moving throughout your building and touching things.

Most materials wear down and require more serious maintenance, but foam molding features don’t. Painted foam molding features might occasionally require a paint touchup, but the material itself can simply be wiped clean. This frees up your staff to do more important things rather than devoting time to maintaining building features.

7: Unlimited Options


With many materials, you might not be able to get the exact design you imagined, because those materials have their limitations. Wood is notorious for this. It can be worked in many ways, and it is a good material, but with certain design implications, it can either be impossible to finish properly or time and money can be wasted as blemishes and other issues occur throughout the project.

Foam molding is an extremely flexible material when it comes to all the things you can do with it, and you can bring almost any design to life with it easily.

A gargoyle made of foam.

8: Different Types of Resin and Foams Available


Foam isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Various types of foam can be used to produce different effects. This means that some are better than others, but it also means you have a high degree of choice in the matter. You can pick something stronger for features that are bound to be put under stress, opt for something lighter if it’s going to be moved frequently, etc.

Don’t worry about getting overwhelmed with technical decisions, either. A professional foam specialist can find the perfect solution for whatever project you bring to them. You don’t have to go over the technical details at all.


Should You Consider Foam Molding for Your Commercial Building?


Foam molding provides a lot of benefits for commercial buildings that are going to appeal to most business owners regardless of their industry, branding, or anything else. It’s simply too good to pass up.

It’s not something that you’ll build an entire commercial space out of, but it works extremely well for trim features, forming lightweight statues, themed environments, facades, and plenty of other projects that would otherwise be more costly and not nearly as durable.

If you’re looking to start a project in your commercial space, and you want to know more about how foam molding can benefit you, contact Baker Studios today.

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