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At Baker Studios, we create. We work for the joy of creation, and our works are meant to stand the test of time. While we build architectural moldings for houses of worship, the truest expression of our work is in the quality of our clean and durable cladding, the sculptures that speak to the essence of our belief, and the dedication to quality by which we approach the sacred. 

We have partnered with BAUGRUP to bring our customers the best possible materials for the construction, creation, and care of your houses of worship. We believe in more than just gathering places. We believe in creating more than just a decorative space. 

At Baker Studios, we believe in creating a place where we can encounter God. What does this mean? To us, it means that we are constantly striving to improve our work and the standards of our brothers and sisters. We want every house to reflect the faith that guides us all. 

Baker Studios are the architects of sacred spaces. We have dedicated ourselves to building church ornament architecture because we fully believe that the places we encounter God are a reflection of ourselves. As we honor our houses of worship with the highest quality building materials and the latest 3D fabrication services, we honor Him by creating beautiful environments befitting the House of God. 

We are inspired in our designs by the very words which inspire our souls to strive for better. When you have Baker Studios architectural moldings gracing your house of worship, you know that you have the best quality materials and workmanship. You can rest confident that your worship space will look as beautiful as it is lasting. 

The Walls and windows do not define a hallowed hall. Our greatest concern is creating the best possible architecture through the latest means, including cutting-edge 3D fabrication services and hand-finished designs. Our themed environments and prop pieces help you foster the perfect sense of time and place for your church space, no matter the occasion. Whether celebrating a holiday or a community member, we design pieces that will help you bring the signs of faith into your place. 

Aesthetics need not give way to pure function; Baker Studios weaves both together into fantastic pieces sure to improve the visual experience of any space. We build with thermal insulation in mind, whether for private or commercial purposes. Our moldings and 3D foam pieces are always well-equipped to serve your space regardless of season or conditions. 




BAUGRUP is a world-renowned producer of facade materials and architectural ornamentation. Baker Studios has partnered with BAUGRUP because we only make our church ornament architecture from the best materials, and BAUGRUP has the best. Known for their reliability and environmentally friendly approach, BAUGRUP builds durable materials tailored to the city's climate in which they will be used. What does this mean? Essentially, BAUGRUP produces stronger building pieces that will last longer, look better, and provide better value than any other building designer.

Using 3D fabrication systems that can keep up with increasing industrial demand, Baker Studios can create on a larger scale and produce stronger materials in the end. When designing classic, timeless churches, we believe that enduring is the best way to build, so we use BAUGRUP's uniquely high-quality materials to provide the best ornamental architecture. 

All BAUGRUP materials are rigorously tested in laboratory conditions to ensure they can withstand the stresses of the environment in which they are to be used. The BAUGRUP team's considerable experience, combined with Baker Studios' intimate knowledge of classic church architectural moldings, results in a uniquely beautiful and lasting style. 

BAUGRUP has the latest innovations in facade-production technology to meet its ever-evolving standards and global production demands. As a company that operates in over 50 countries across five continents worldwide, BAUGRUP is the obvious leader in producing architectural materials at the level Baker Studios values. 




Just what does BAUGRUP offer to your church's structural needs? Their unique styrofoam coating technology renders the BAUTRIM materials incredibly durable while maintaining their beautifully intricate design by Baker Studios architects. Unlike cement or other synthetic production materials, BAUTRIM doesn't crack, chip and fade. BAUTRIM products resist weather conditions and other environmental factors longer and with less wear and tear over time. 

The flexibility of BAUTRIM allows it to work wonderfully for external projects, even intricate designs such as those of the grandest churches and temples. It's also highly resistant to impact and mechanical stress and doesn't absorb water, making it ideal for construction purposes. The BAUTRIM material is breathable enough to avoid moisture damage while allowing for easier paint permeation, resulting in brighter colors that last longer without fading. 

These advantages make us proud to use BAUCOAT technology, such as BAUTRIM, to produce your church and home architectural moldings. These create a beautiful, durable, and in keeping with the symbolism of a true place of worship. Baker Studios and BAUGRUP are a pairing that no church should be without. We believe that God should be experienced, not merely found, and we choose to do so in places well-suited to such an experience. 

Carrying our heritage to the next generation is essential, as is sharing in the love of God that binds us all. Our architectural moldings, empowered by BAUTRIM and fashioned with the skilled hand and eye of Baker Studios artists, always create the perfect custom pieces no matter the size, shape, or location of your space.

Your church deserves the best. We believe that our partnership with BAUGRUP can consistently deliver the best. You can design based on need rather than material constraints. Don't sacrifice form for function when you can have both with Baker Studios and BAUGRUP.



Produced with the unique meshless BAUCOAT Performant EPS/Styrofoam Coating Technology

BAUGRUP is serving the commercial, residential and entertainment segments. BAUTRIM architectural shapes are specially crafted to beautify the exterior of buildings while rendering maximum durability.

By specifying BAUTRIM Products, you avoid the problems associated with products produced from conventional cementitious or other synthetic renders, such as surface cracking, detaching and color fading. BAUTRIM Products are durable, is very practical and allows the flexibility to produce the most demanding designs, whether flat or curved, concave or convex, stone like, white and after paint becomes vibrantly colored.

BAUTRIM Moldings & Trims features:

• Flexible external surface
• Strong and hard
• Resistant to impact and mechanical stress
• Durable even in hard weather conditions
• Low water absorption
• Incredible resistance to temperature and humidity variations
• Excellent adhesion
• Very good CO2 and water vapor permeability, increasing the rate of moisture transfer and evaporation for a breathable wall
• Easy and fast application of the architectural shapes
• Primer and paint topcoat is applied directly on surface
• Perfect permeation with exterior construction paints
• The whiteness of coating allows easy application of bright, vibrant colours
• Perfect for most kinds of architectural shapes



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