We at Baker Architects proposed ourselves to be the leading supplier of exterior and interior grade pre-coated decorative and architectural foam shapes in Colorado and nearing states. As well we envision to dedicate efforts to supply easy to install DIY prefabricated thermal insulating design wall claddings for private and commercial use. We believe in providing our customers with the highest level of quality products and customer service as well as we strive to provide our clients with an aesthetically pleasing solution for their building needs. In this regard we licensed the production technology and the special BAUCOAT Foam coating system from BAUGRUP, a company operating on 5 continents in over 50 countries worldwide. This partnership will help us provide full ­architectural services in the design and fabrication of external decoration, thermal insulated prefab wall claddings, themed environments and 3D foam sculpture. Also, we are architects who specialize in building beautiful, timeless, and classical Catholic churches. At Baker Architects we do not just design a "space to worship in," we craft sacred dwelling places where we can encounter God.



BAUGRUP manufactures its products according to the world standards with an environment friendly approach as a result of intensive research and development work. This is achieved through its technology developed by its qualified team in BAUGRUP's modern production facilities. The laboratories of the plant develop new products according to the everchanging facade requirements while acting cautiously to keep its high standards for existing products. Thanks to its experienced team, BAUGRUP, while offering new solutions according to the global market dynamics as well as to the requirements of the projects does not compromise the quality of its products conducting regular tests in its laboratories. Each product manufactured at the BAUGRUP facilities is formulated according to the local climate conditions of the country that the project will be implemented and is subject to intense testing in laboratory conditions, because BAUGRUP's goal is to keep the life span of its products be the same as the lifespan of the building on which they have been applied! Crowns its quality production approach with ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System {ISO 14001 Environmental Management System) and OHSAS18001 Labor Health and Work Security System.



Produced with the unique meshless BAUCOAT Performant EPS/Styrofoam Coating Technology

BAUGRUP is serving the commercial, residential and entertainment segments. BAUTRIM architectural shapes are specially crafted to beautify the exterior of buildings
while rendering maximum durability. By specifying BAUTRIM Products, you avoid the problems associated with products produced from conventional cementitious
or other synthetic renders, such as surface cracking, detaching and color fading. BAUTRIM Products are durable, is very practical and allows the flexibility to produce
the most demanding designs, whether flat or curved, concave or convex, stone like, white and after paint becomes vibrantly colored.
BAUTRIM Moldings & Trims features:
• Flexible external surface
• Strong and hard
• Resistant to impact and mechanical stress
• Durable even in hard weather conditions
• Low water absorption
• Incredible resistance to temperature and humidity variations
• Excellent adhesion
• Very good CO2 and water vapor permeability, increasing the rate of moisture transfer and evaporation for a breathable wall
• Easy and fast application of the architectural shapes
• Primer and paint topcoat is applied directly on surface
• Perfect permeation with exterior construction paints
• The whiteness of coating allows easy application of bright, vibrant colours
• Perfect for most kinds of architectural shapes



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